10 Best Colleges to Study Dermatology in the US (2022)

Generally, the United States is a great study destination for home and international students. Over the years, it’s attracted students from across the globe because of its friendly atmosphere for learning. And if your dream is to become a dermatologist in the US and you’re still deliberating on the best college to attend in the states, then you’re just a few steps away from actualizing it.

Dermatology is a branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. A dermatologist is a medically qualified practitioner concerned with managing skin, hair, nails, and cosmetic problems.

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As soon as you’ve made up your mind to study dermatology in the US, the next move is to decide on which college or university to apply to right away.

There are a couple of great colleges for dermatology in the states, and choosing the one that is best for you can be quite a herculean task to achieve. If you have a passion for skincare and you intend on building an exciting and fulfilling career in dermatology, then you are on the right page.

There are a couple of details to be considered to make the right choice. Although there are no particular rules for choosing a college to study dermatology in the states, this article can simplify the process for you. It is written in a way that will help you find the college that best fits your needs. 

Top Best Dermatology Colleges in the US

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is located in Ann’s Arbor with two regional campuses in Dearborn and Flint. It was established in 1817, and the institution offers undergraduate degrees in over a hundred fields of study.

The University of Michigan department of dermatology is a division of Michigan medicine. It’s one of the top leading health care facilities in the state. There has been an annual record of over 41,000 patients who have received care in their ambulatory clinics for a range of rare and common dermatologic disorders.

Patients receive health care treatments and services in their outpatient clinic at the University of Michigan medical center in Ann Arbor and the neighborhood.

University of Michigan Tuition Fee for Dermatology

The tuition fee required to be paid by the in-state students is approximately $13,856, and the out-of-state students are required to pay $43,475.

John Hopkins Medical School

The John Hopkins medical school was established in 1893 and is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The John Hopkins department of dermatology is known for excellence in diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the nails, skin, and hair.

The school has always been the nation’s top leading medical school by the number of grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health. The department of dermatology transmits the significance of innovative and compassionate care by employing and educating contemporary dermatologists.

John Hopkins Medical School Tuition Fee for Dermatology

You can study Dermatology at John Hopkins Medical school for around $51,900. This amount covers both tuition fees and others.

Stanford University

Stanford University is sited in California and was founded in the year 1981 by Leland Stanford. The university has systemized about three conventional schools which comprise forty (40) academic departments at the undergraduate, graduate, and four professional schools that center on graduate programs in Medicine, Education, Business, and law.

Stanford dermatology faculty is accredited and well known for their excellence in teaching and clinical expertise. The institution is committed to the discovery and development of better treatments for dermatological diseases as well as a standard level of patient care. 

 Stanford University is a world-renown institute that delivers excellent education.

Stanford University Tuition Fee for Studying Dermatology

The tuition fee required to be paid for studying dermatology at Stanford University sums up to $46,320.

New York University

The university was established on April 21, 1831, in New York. It is a private research non-profit research university.

The Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology, which is at NYU Langone Health is recognized internationally and nationally for its resourceful leadership in research, patient care, and education. 

Its residents rotate through the outpatient care center and inpatient consultation services.

The school has a standard educational curriculum that is distinctively patterned to provide the skills needed to pursue and achieve an excellent and admirable career in dermatology.

Tuition fee for Dermatology in New York University

The school’s tuition fee for dermatology in New York University sums up to approximately $47,750. 

Columbia University

Columbia University is a private research university in New York City. Founded on May 25, 1754.

Columbia University is the oldest college in the state of New York and the fifth oldest institution of higher education in the United States. They have a deep commitment to providing an in-depth educational experience to their students.

The school’s department of dermatology has an exceptional faculty which consists of ninety-eight (98) part-time and twenty (20) full-time voluntary members who support the city’s training program.

The school offers a combination of clinical and research programs and also numerous research opportunities in basic science and clinical trial to facilitate the development of a career in investigating dermatology.

Columbia scholars have played an important role in scientific breakthroughs. The university is ranked among the top universities in the world by major education publications.

Tuition fee for Dermatology at Columbia University

The tuition fee required to be paid to study Dermatology at Columbia University is about $53,000.

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is a public research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Established on February 28, 1787, it’s ranked among the top universities in the United States.

It’s also recognized and ranked internationally and nationally. The school’s department of dermatology consistently embarks on new measures structured to facilitate continuous growth and to institute the department as a center of excellence in education, research clinical care, and a notable center for academic dermatology.

The UPMC’s Center Medical Education Program in Dermatology is focused on delivering outstanding patient care while educating resident physicians in the basic science and clinical aspects of dermatology.

Tuition fee for Dermatology in University of Pittsburgh

The tuition fee required to be paid by the In-state students is approximately $18,192 while the out-of-state students pay $28,958.

University of California San Francisco

The University of California San Francisco was established in the year 1864, Its medical school stands as the oldest medical school in California.

It’s known for its outstanding faculty including Nobel laureates and other distinguished medical professionals. The medical school is structured specifically to educate graduates to excel in the competencies needed by the current generation.

 It is one of the top leading medical schools in the United States. The department offers a wide range of specialty services in pediatric, medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology.

The main purpose of the department is to be a world leader in the care of the skin and patients with skin diseases through outstanding education, research, and clinical service.

Tuition fee for Dermatology in University of California San Francisco

The tuition fee required to be paid at UCSF is approximately $34,386.

Emory University

Emory University is a top private institution of higher education that is sited in Georgia. The school was established In the year 1836, and it’s among the fifty oldest private universities in the United States.

Emory dermatology residents have significant access to teledermatology during a residency in both the ambulatory and inpatient settings. That’s to help equip them for the dynamic landscape of medicine after training.

It has over 20 full-time faculty members who are distinguished researchers and clinicians that are committed to resident mentoring and education.

Its mission is ensuring that all residents experience excellent training while providing the necessary individual mentorship and developmental support to transform into leaders within the field of Dermatology.

Tuition fee for Dermatology in Emory University

Emory University’s tuition fee for dermatology is approximately $46,314.

University of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania university is a private ivy league research university. It was established in the year 1740 and happens to be one of the nine colonial colleges accredited before the declaration of the United State’s independence. 

The University is pioneered by many European universities, which centers multiple faculty into one institution thereby making Penn one of the first academic institutions to follow a multidisciplinary model.

The department of dermatology in Penn is among the few departments of dermatology in the country with allotted dermatopathology facilities and dermatologic research laboratories. 

Dermatology is one of the top programs in the country for developing patient care through clinical trials and research.

Penn’s dermatology offers competitive training opportunities where residents master knowledge in a first-class academic environment also provides leading clinical treatments to patients.

With a full spectrum of dermatologic conditions and referring physicians with the best contemporary treatment options, diagnostic services, and technology.

The dermatologist and dermatologic surgeons here deliver outstanding service and care for the skin, nails, and hair. They also provide comprehensive cosmetic and aesthetic services.

Thomas Jefferson university 

Thomas Jefferson university is a center City private university sited in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It was established in the year 1824. 

Thomas Jefferson’s department of dermatology and cutaneous biology offers world-class research programs that enhance clinical studies, studies of genetic skin diseases, investigative advances in dermatological therapies, connective tissue disorder, and skin cancer. 

The department is internationally recognized as an academic institution that offers quality and comprehensive learning in various aspects of dermatology. The program provides training in dermatology, rotation programs in several specialty centers, education of medical students, and frequent continuing education opportunities for dermatologists.

The program produces highly trained graduates with solid knowledge and exceptional skills in dermatopathology, dermatology, and anatomic pathology.

They also offer observership and rotation in their clinic and dermatopathology lab to residents from other institutions, as well as other departments within Thomas Jefferson’s University.

These departments include family medicine, pediatrics, pathology, and any other related discipline.

The tuition fee required to be paid is approximately $27,798.


There are quite a good number of colleges to study dermatology in the United States, some are public and others private.

Getting the best school that suits your preference shouldn’t be a difficult task for you, and that’s why we’ve helped you narrow your research by compiling the list of the top dermatology colleges in the US to take the stress off you. 

This post has been able to provide essential information about the top dermatology schools in the United States. That’s to help you know more about each school to make the right decision.

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