10 Best College Scholarships for Twins (2022)

Twins can be referred to as two children produced by the same pregnancy, they are children born at the same time of birth.

Generally, education is expensive for a single child, how much more paying for two or more children at the same time. Having to send twins to college simultaneously can translate to dealing with a financial burden.

Wondering if there are financial aids available to twins? Of course, some programs offer scholarships to twins, multiples, and siblings attending the same school. As a result of the financial constraints faced by twins and their parents, there has been the emergence of Scholarships for twins and existence of colleges that offer twins discounts providing that they both apply to the same institution.

Although rare, there are other Scholarships accessible by twins who do not attend the same institution. Finding the right Scholarship program for your twin will aid in minimizing the cost of sending them to college simultaneously.

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The scholarship programs below will reveal to you the most suitable Scholarship opportunities for twins and which of the program you and your twins can fit into.


They offer advantageous benefits to twins or triplets who attend northeast Oklahoma A&M college together to help minimize the cost of higher education by minimizing the full cost of housing for a double room for both twins that possess the basic requirements of this particular program.

It provides twin value room waiver and the beneficiaries do not necessarily need to live together to enjoy this benefit.

Although the Northeast Oklahoma A&M twin wavers is not a scholarship in an actual sense, it’s an amazing way for students to save cost considering how expensive a double traditional room costs, given the $1,150 rent per semester for a double standard room at North East Oklahoma.


The lake Erie college twin scholarship offers benefits that help to cut down the expense of sponsoring twins to college through it’s twin scholarship program that conveniently allows both twins to attend the college and pay tuition fee for just one of the twins (about 18 hours per semester). It is designed as buy one get one free where a twin gets a full scholarship. 

 In the previous year, the College granted more than $14million in Scholarships, including the twin scholarships.

The scholarship is given alternatively to merit award, however, if a twin is qualified for a higher award they will get it. Both twins are expected to remain in the program to continue receiving the scholarship.

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This Scholarship has been in existence for over two decades, it offers benefits that enable each twin to receive a fifty percent (50%) tuition scholarship on the condition that both twins must be enrolled full time at Sterling college and should be able to meet the college’s admission requirements.

The ACT score should be 18 or above and the grade point required must be up to 2.2 GPA. This program is one of the best scholarships for being a twin in the United States.


The college offers about a 45% tuition scholarship on the condition that each of them must be registered as a full time student every semester. The main aim of this program is to help recipients meet college expenses.

This Scholarship cannot be combined with other Scholarships or school-issued monetary awards, however, the beneficiaries can renew the scholarship every year for about four years provided they meet up with academic requirements and are able to maintain a satisfactory academic record. 

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The college provides educational support for upper-class twins students that are able to maintain a minimum of 3.0 standard grade points.

It is reserved specifically for students who intend to major in education and are demonstrating their passion to teach elementary school. The scholarship is renewable each year for you to four years but with the caveat that eligibility qualifications are met. 


The College provides scholarship to twins that are registered in the Indiana University, with special preference given to identical twins. 

The major requirement to receive the scholarship is the ability to maintain a 3.33 grade point averages or higher and also twins applying must  be students who are majoring in accounting at the Kelley business school.

Twins that meet all these requirements and are eligible can benefit from this program at any given time.


This Scholarship is awarded by Carl Albert state college and it is accessible by international and United States undergraduate students who intend to attend the Carl Albert state college in Oklahoma.

Applicants must be twins and the other twin must also attend the college to qualify for the scholarship.

To apply you would need an official transcript, application letter, resume, and ACT scores. Each twin benefits about $200 per semester, the total amount awarded by this scholarship is about $800.

The scholarship is non renewable, however, students can reapply each semester. 

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This program was established in 2013 after the death of Julia Catherine Niswender, who was pursuing a degree in electronic media and film studies at the Eastern Michigan University.

It was created by Eastern Michigan University to provide benefits to Undergraduate twins who are interested in social networking or broadcast.

In the case where they are no twin or multiple birth applicants the Scholarship may be given to students who have exhibited passion and interest for social media or broadcasting. The scholarship awards up to $500.


The program has awarded over 50 Scholarships to twins, multiple birth students and mothers of multiples, they vary in value from $250 to $1509 since 1987.

Awards are presented annually at the organization”s convention to twins either individually or together or the mother of multiples.

The applications are critically evaluated by the committee, they make sure the applications are submitted on the right date and the recipients are selected based on requirements, eligibility and factors.

To be an applicant you must be a twin, triplet, or a mother of multiples. You’re also expected to live in Southern California or Clark county, NV.

You’ll also be required to write an essay, present a transcript, copies of birth certificates, and two letters of recommendation.


The Greater St Louis mother of twins club provides two scholarships yearly to multiple birth students who intend to further their education beyond secondary education after graduating from high school.

To be eligible, you must be multiple birth child graduating high school and intending to continue education in the College and also be a resident of St Louis MO-IL metropolitan statistics area.

The amount usually provided varies but the criteria used to select beneficiaries remains consistent: citizenship, leadership, academic achievement , essay, and recommendation. These will all be taken into consideration while choosing recipients. 

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Having twins in the family poses a level of financial challenge for parents hence the need for scholarships to help reduce the strain. There are many scholarship opportunities available for twins and other multiples, while some are specific others are not.

Some programs are available only for identical twins or triplets.  Availability of assistance in form of scholarships to parents of multiple birth children is very sacrosanct to the educational development of children from average/low-income homes.

The most popular type of Scholarship accessible by twins usually require that they both attend the same school, only a few schools allow them attend separate colleges.

If you’re a twin and you desire financial assistance, check out the scholarship options above and apply for the ones whose criteria you meet.

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