How to Pass GRE Exam Without Studying (2022)

Graduate Record Examination which is popularly known as the GRE test is an intelligence test conducted on graduates that seek admission abroad or candidates interested in MS studies.

It’s one of the largest assessment programs for graduates’ entry into law and business schools. It is usually conducted by the Educational testing service and it’s generally accepted by a significant number of colleges and universities across the globe.

Most students take months, weeks, and days to prepare before the exam while others might take hours, depending on your level of assimilation. Preparing for a test or an exam can be quite stressful, draining, and time-consuming. Some students break down in the process of studying very hard and depriving their brain of rest, taking days of sleepless nights which in turn results to stress and poor health conditions. 

As an aspiring graduate, once you make up your mind to prepare for the GRE test without studying then it only means you have a very sharp and retentive memory and you have so much confidence in your brain capability. 

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It’s the dream of every aspiring graduate to achieve a passable score after taking the GRE test as it would facilitate easy entry to graduate school and acquiring the desired degree.

Getting a satisfactory score in the GRE test without studying sounds like an unattainable dream right?  I know most people are wondering if it’s really important to study before taking the test. Although it’s quite risky taking the test without proper preparations or studying, however, it’s still possible and that is exactly what this article is about to show you. 

How to Pass GRE Exam Without Studying

This post will help you uncover the possibility of passing the test without studying, tips on increasing your scores, and passing without rigorous preparations or studying.

Passing GRE Verbal Section

The GRE verbal section requires that you are familiar with written materials, vocabulary terms and assesses your capacity to analyze, evaluate and synthesize information obtained from it.

It also involves establishing relationships among words and concepts and also review relationships among parts of sentences. The type of questions usually asked is in the form of “fill in the blank” where you have to choose a word that best fits in the incomplete sentence. You are also required to have an idea about the various topics that you may find in the test. 

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A strong vocabulary is an essential skill required for an applicant to be able to pass the verbal section. Proper choice of essential words is also important to express clarity in definitions. 

 You should be mindful of essential words and avoid memorizing and overplaying language, to eliminate doubts and the feeling of unreadiness. 

As an applicant preparing for the GRE verbal questions, you ought to be critical and versatile with your thinking before attempting any question from the verbal section.

It would be an intelligent move to focus on the critics which are knowledgeable and get the correct logic for the questions. It is also very important that you have a wide vocabulary because GRE verbal is all about having a purposeful and deliberate approach to work.

Passing GRE Quantitative Section

Attempting a quantitative section without proper preparations and intensive study might be a bit problematic because the key areas in this section comprise arithmetic and algebra.

The major areas this section focuses on are topics that stem from addition and subtraction, common fractions, percentage, multiples and factors, ratios, and decimals. Seeing that these topics sound familiar, it doesn’t guarantee that the test will be straightforward without proper preparations and study. 

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Over fifty percent of candidates registered to take the test usually score up to average or less most times. As an applicant that wants to score soundly above average, you should be able to have a score higher than 80% of the other candidates. This implies that you ought to earn at least 161Q, 158V, and 4.5AW.

Nearly all of the registered exam candidates who make headway in the exam usually study, Just like most students who have had a cumbersome time studying and becoming proficient and end up rising to the top of the class. You should be aware that questions in this test might seem to be straightforward for the registered candidates.

In the case of academic achievement, a strong GPA cannot guarantee a sound GRE score. The quantitative section is a measure of skills and problem-solving abilities. It exposes students to critical thinking, which is not bad since you’ve been developing these skills from your time in high school. 

Although, as a candidate for this exam it is expected that you receive direct instructions that will enable you to answer the questions properly. Since you’re new to the GREs, standards, and approach with which your skill is tested, then you should equip yourself with adequate knowledge on how to apply yourself on the test date. 

The test reports are reported on a different scale other than the conventional scale which implies that 130 should be the lowest GRE score and 170 the highest GRE score. 

Tips to Help You Do Well in GRE Exams

Once you’ve made up your mind to sit for the GRE test without studying, you’re implying that you’re relying on your skills and your brain’s capability. Hence the tips below have been carefully extracted to serve as a guide.

Make sure you’re in a quiet and comfortable environment and also ensure you’re not close to the bed so you don’t end up dozing off. Eliminate every panic feeling you may have, it’s not a time to get worked up, you won’t make any progress when you’re worked up. 

Go through the previous question booklet to have an idea of the nature of questions that are expected to be answered. It is usually available on the ETS practice software hence it’s not difficult to access.

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There are different types of self-study books you could use for this, while most of them can be obtained from ETS and are affordable. Some courses tend to be expensive and require that you attend the class for several weeks while others last for a single weekend and are moderately expensive. 

Adopt the use of index cards to enable you to put down words that are strange to you and then proceed to search for them later. Find them and understand their meaning and how they are used in sentences.

You’ll need a self-assessment tool,  hence you have to get a checklist to help put down lists of contents and skills which you’ll review. Whether you’re studying or not, self-assessment is very important as it helps evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

Once you’re familiar with your weaknesses, you begin to put more effort into them thereby eliminating hindrances to your success in the test. Most importantly, time yourself to enable you to make use of the test time judiciously and avoid spending too much time on a particular section.


Writing an exam without adequate preparations or studying will imply that you are not sure about the relevance of the examination or test.  You don’t need any doubt or fear when taking an exam and the only thing that boosts one’s confidence in the examination hall is proper and adequate study.

There is hardly any profession or trade that one would want to embark on which will not require adequate preparations and study. Failure to adequately study will lead to a waste of time and resources which will, in turn, lead to tons of regrets.

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Most students make the mistake of forfeiting studying for other pleasurable activities and in the end wishing they did better to get better scores. If you intend on getting above an average score without studying it is impossible as there is no such trick to pass an exam without studying.

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