Best Scholarship Opportunities In Australia for International Students in 2022

Are you wondering if there are scholarship opportunities in Australia? Here is the perfect guide you will need to get one of the scholarships offered by most Australian universities for both domestic and international students. 

Trying to get a scholarship isn’t as difficult as it looks especially if you have the requirements of most of the schools offering one. You should check these scholarship programs provided by the Australian Government and Australian Universities. 

Australia as a place to study

Australia is among the top three study destinations in the English-speaking world. The Universities there have facilities that are globally accepted, and they offer world-class education at all levels of study, including Ph.D.

The country has been the top choice of most international students because of its cultural diversity, friendly people, and high quality of education. The certificates offered by the schools in Australia are recognized by organizations around the world.

Tips To Help You get scholarship in Australia

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  • Make sure you check up on these scholarship opportunities and contact anyone you have over there to inform them of your quest for scholarships. Your family, friends, or overseas contacts might have vital information for you about your options.
  • Begin arranging every relevant scholarship documents you will likely need. Documents like B. personal statement, letter of admission, research application, transcript, study permit, proof of English language skills, GRE and GMAT, letters of recommendation from former teachers, speakers, and employees should be available.
  • Documents other than those listed here may be required by your institution for the scholarship program. So please read the scholarship requirements and criteria carefully before applying, or contact your host institution for more information.

Best Scholarship Opportunities In Australia 2022

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  • Australia Awards Scholarships
  • Destination Australia Scholarships
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) 
  • University of Sydney International Research Scholarships
  • University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships 
  • Griffith Remarkable Scholarships 
  • Macquarie University International Scholarships
  • Adelaide Global Excellence Scholarships for International Students

1. Australia Awards Scholarships

The Australian Development Scholarships, which is now Australia Awards Scholarships, is a government assistance program administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to people from developing countries. The award is to assist these intending students to partake in undergraduate or postgraduate study full time.

The recipients of this award will have options to study at participating Australian universities, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions. The following includes the benefits of this scholarship; complete tuition fees, return air travel, establishment allowance, contribution to living expenses (CLE), Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), etc.

The course of study available are the ones relating to your country’s priority areas for development, and you will find them on the participating country profiles. Training like flying aircraft, nuclear technology, or military training is not available in the award.

Apply for Australia Awards Scholarships Here

2. Destination Australia Scholarships

The Destination Australia Scholarships is another scholarship program by the Australian government to support Australian and international students to study around regional parts of Australia.

This scholarship program aids over 1000 scholarships of $15,000 to be offered per year in supporting the study and living expenses associated with studying a Certificate IV to Doctorate level qualification at a regional campus of an eligible University in Australia.

The program aims at supporting regional and remote Australian tertiary education providers by promoting activities that contribute to growth and sustainability. This scholarship program was introduced in 2019 by the Australian government to ensure other regions in Australia take part in the socio-cultural and economic benefits global students bring.

Apply for Destination Australia Scholarships Here

3. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) 

Unlike the other two scholarship programs introduced by the government, the international postgraduate research scholarship is primarily for domestic and international students looking to do their masters or Ph.D. programs in Australia.

The program is research-based as you will be exposed to gain experience with leading Australian researchers.  This government-backed scholarship program is available for two years for a Master’s by research degree or three years for a Doctorate by research degree.  The scholarship covers tuition fees and health cover costs during the timeframe.

To be eligible for this research-based scholarship, a student must be a domestic or an overseas student enrolled in an accredited HDR course of study at an Australian HEP.

See more info about International Postgraduate Research Scholarships Here 

4. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships

The University of Sydney offers International research scholarships to high-quality international postgraduate students that desire to undertake a Postgraduate Research Degree or Masters by Research program.

This scholarship is funded by the University of Sydney. Primary things like tuition fees and living allowance for up to three years with a possibility of one semester’s extension for Ph.D. students are covered in this scholarship.

The University of Sydney International Research Scholarship is open to only international students who have an outstanding record of academic achievement and research potential.

Apply for University of Sydney International Research Scholarships Here

5. University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships 

The University of Melbourne offers graduate research scholarships to high-achieving domestic and international students. 

This scholarship was established by the university and its benefit include tuition fee waiver, living allowance, relocation grant, and overseas student health cover. The courses available include every discipline the university offers.

For you to be eligible for this scholarship, the entry requirements for a graduate research degree at the University of Melbourne should be met.

Apply for University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships Here

6. Griffith Remarkable Scholarships 

Here’s another scholarship program for exceptional students who are applying for undergraduate and postgraduate at Griffith University. 

The Griffith Remarkable Scholarships cover 50% of tuition fees that will be deducted from the tuition fees for the duration of the program. And it’s open to citizens of countries other than Australia and New Zealand.

Apply for Griffith Remarkable Scholarships Here 

7. Macquarie University International Scholarships

The Macquarie University International Scholarships offers a partial tuition fee scholarship for outstanding international students aside from Australia and New Zealand to study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Macquarie University North Ryde campus.

This scholarship is primarily to recognize academic excellence but does not provide financial support in the form of a living allowance or provide money for students’ visa applications, overseas student health cover, or any cost associated with the study.

To be eligible, you have to meet the academic and English requirements for the University’s Bachelor or Postgraduate Course Degree, and others.

Apply for Macquarie University International Scholarships Here

8. Adelaide Global Excellence Scholarships for International Students

The University of Adelaide Global Academic Excellence International Scholarship offers a highly competitive scholarship program that rewards commencing undergraduate and postgraduate coursework international students who have demonstrated academic excellence in previous studies. 

The scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fees, and International students can apply for any Undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degrees in any discipline offered at the University. This scholarship is open to international students aside from Australians and New Zealandia.


These are some of the best scholarship opportunities in Australia, they are fully funded and at least cover tuition fees and some other costs. They all last as long as the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral program lasts, so the student can benefit from them until graduation.


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