Scholarships for Special Education Teachers

A teacher formally known as an educator is an individual who helps students acquire knowledge, competence, and education. The role of a teacher in society cannot be overemphasized, they help shape society through the transfer of knowledge.  

Scholarship on the other hand is financial aid provided to a student by an appropriate authority. Scholarships for special education teachers can then be regarded as financial aid provided to teachers who teach children with special needs.

Not everyone is financially buoyant to pay college fees, hence scholarships are opened to students who are faced with financial scarcity and are unable to pay their college fees.

Scholarship has made accessibility to well-known universities easier and also reduced the financial burden on both parents and students. These teachers’ scholarships help in facilitating every activity that is geared towards improving the quality of education of children with special needs. 

Teaching is one of the most vital professions in the world today, it is a very challenging and respected career choice. It is an instrument through which generations to come are molded and transformed to have a meaningful impact on the society they live in and across the globe as well.

As a result of the value they add to society, they must be given total support to grow. This support could either be emotionally, financially, or both as the case may be.

Teachers are assets to any society and as such should not be pulled back with financial constraints else the society loses quality teachers. If the problem of financial constraints is being solved, it will lessen tension and eliminate the burden of paying tuition fees in college thereby helping them have total focus on their studies instead of worrying about how to pay their college fee.  

The scholarship program aids teachers in the United States to meet their insatiable quest for knowledge. Notable teachers always seek new opportunities to expand their horizons and impact students, hence these programs are important to their career as it enables them to comply with their expected professional development requirements.

Several scholarships are solely accessible to students who want to pursue a career in teaching kids with special needs. This article has been able to outline a few selected scholarship programs that are available to those who are interested in entering the field of education and also teachers who seek further training to enhance their development.

Below is the list of the selected scholarship programs for special education teachers.

Scholarships for Special Education Teachers

Nancy Larson Foundation College Scholarship

The Nancy Larson Foundation is solely dedicated to providing financial aid to college students who have shown interest in becoming elementary school teachers. This scholarship program is mainly accessible to juniors, seniors, and graduates who have decided to major in elementary education. 

To be eligible for this program, you’re expected to have completed the application, then proceed to submit the completed application alongside other documents such as the resume and employment history, an official transcript, community service, activities, internship work concerning children, and personal experiences that must have impelled you to teach and a distinguishing quality you possess that can enhance your teaching career.

The program was founded by Nancy Larson with the sole aim of encouraging and equipping potential teachers in the US. 

James Madison Graduate Fellowships

The program is provided by the James Madison fellows, it is currently in its 30th year of awarding fellowships to help bring the US constitution into the classroom. 

Its mission is to encourage the study of the United States Constitution, its roots, formation, principles, and development. it was founded mainly to provide aid to the secondary level government, history, and civic teachers to become exceptional teachers of the United States Constitution.

It’s a private nonprofit foundation that is privately funded through generous donations.  It is well known as America’s most prestigious award in constitutional government and history for secondary teachers. 

The foundation awards about $24,000 to students who intend to become exceptional teachers of the American constitution at the high school level. After the completion of the graduate studies, all beneficiaries of the award are expected to commit to one year of teaching. 

Applicants of the James Madison Graduate Fellowships only compete against other applicants from the state of their legal residence. It’s a competitive award, hence it requires that applicants must have a high-grade point. They are also expected to present a current transcript, three letters of recommendation, and an essay about James Madison. 

Franson-Anderson Endowed Memorial Scholarship

This program, provided by Illinois State University was founded majorly to understand the essence of education and its role in achieving success in life. It was founded in the year 1995 and known as Franson Endowed scholarship.

It was later renamed to Franson-Anderson in the year 1999 In the loving memory of Ida Franson’s husband. Ida Franson had worked at the Niles school district for over thirty(30) years as a substitute teacher.

She was known for her dedication, commitment, and ability to recall the face of the children whom she taught. Immediately her teaching career came to an end, she didn’t stop serving the community. Ida Franson served in the capacity of a librarian in the district. The funds awarded are non-renewable and is usually based on the need of the beneficiaries.

Applications are expected to be submitted alongside an essay about the arrangements made for international travels for academic studies. The amount provided sums up to about $2500.

The recipients are expected to maintain a grade point of 3.0, they’ll also need to major in the college of education either in their full-time undergraduate or second bachelor.

Applicants will also need to make arrangements to pursue a career in teaching and the amount received should be utilized for the expenses affiliated with international travel for academic studies which includes student teaching.

Teach NYC Scholarship Program

The program is aimed at those who are interested in bilingual education and are dedicated to teaching in New York City. The scholarship awards funds enough to cover full tuition support for students that intend to pursue a master’s degree in bilingual education areas. 

It was founded to tackle the challenges of staffing in acute shortage areas and to improve service delivery to New York City public school students. 

The program empowers participants to work in the areas of bilingual special education, bilingual speech-language, pathology, monolingual, bilingual school psychology, and blind and visually impaired. 

The scholarship offers unpracticed candidates a conventional path to certification through a master’s degree in conventional teaching or clinical shortage area. The recipients are committed to teaching in New York City for two years for each year of support. 

To be eligible applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree conferred by June 30th of the current application year, an undergraduate Grade point of at least 3.0 or better, proficiency in English and a language other than English, two letters of recommendation, a non-refundable application fee of $75 and an interview before a decision is made.

The college’s acceptance form must be completed as part of the application, incomplete application will not be considered.

Norman Brown Scholarship

The program is provided by the brown medical and educational foundation which was founded by Dr. Monica Brown and it is based on the financial need of graduating high school senior or graduate students who wish to continue their education and pursue a career in teaching.

To be eligible for this scholarship applicants must be citizens of the United States, must be attending or accepted into a 4-year US university. The applicant’s family income must be at or below the national poverty level, based on family size for the current year.

Applicants must have a cumulative grade point of 2.0 or higher on a 4 point scale, three letters of recommendation, and also the application should be submitted alongside an official high school transcript.

The amount of funds awarded is not fixed but varies, the deadline for application is on 30th April and the scholarship is not renewable.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

This scholarship program is a need-based Scholarship,  it is awarded strictly on merit. It was created for students who are interested in serving their local communities through teaching.

It is not focused on a specific major but supports and encourages those who are mainly interested in pursuing a career in teaching and impacting directly on their local communities.

Scholars are selected based on merit,  The scholarship amount ranges from $500-$5000 based on relative need. To be eligible applicants must be of  Hispanic heritage, must be a US citizen with permanent legal residence, must have a grade point of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for high school students, and a minimum of 2.5-grade points on a 4.0 scale for graduate students. Submit the state-based financial aid form and also plan to enroll full-time in a public graduate school.

As an HSF scholar you’ll be eligible for the invaluable Scholar support service, and have access to scholarships depending on available funds. 

The Applegate-Jackson -Parks Future  Teacher Scholarship 

This Scholarship program is provided by the national institute for labor relations research. It was created to laureate three teachers from the Michigan public school who had been dismissed for inability to pay union dues.

The scholarship is awarded yearly to students who are pursuing a career in education, it is not accessible by undergraduates and high school students who do not have a declared major in education.

Applicants should preeminently emulate the principle, dedication, and high standards of Kay Jackson, Carol Applegate, and Dr. Anne parks.

Applicants should submit an essay with the application, they should be able to demonstrate potential for successful completion of the educational requirement in a university department of education and potential successful attainment of a teaching license.

They should also be able to provide the transcripts of grades. Awardees should be undergraduate and graduate students specializing in education in higher institutions of learning all through the United States.

A teacher pursuing an advanced education degree from a qualified college can also apply for the scholarship. Funds awarded sum up to about $1,000.

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program was established in the year 1999, it was founded by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It’s one of the best Scholarships for teachers and it is focused on providing exceptional African American, American Indian, Hispanic Americans, Asian Pacific Islander American students a chance to complete an undergraduate college education in their preferred choice of discipline.

The program supports minority students who are interested in education but have low incomes. It offers full tuition for graduate, undergraduate and doctoral work as long as they are enrolled in an institution of higher learning.

To be eligible a student must possess a grade point of 3.3 as a high school senior, the application should be accompanied by two letters of recommendation, complete a series of eight essay questions, and also provide proof of being a minority student with low-income earner.

Applications are usually submitted by the second week in January every year.

Blanche J. Martin Scholarship

This program is provided by Winnebago county retired teachers association and it is solely dedicated to students majoring in elementary education certification. It is accessible to those who have an interest in becoming teachers in elementary schools.

The annual fund varies and is limited, hence it is determined annually and also made available each year for selected students based on the number of the recognized recipients chosen.

To be eligible for this program, applicants must be attending any university or college in the United States, must come from Winnebago county, must have graduated from a school in Winnebago county, or have a permanent family residence in Winnebago county.

The deadline for the scholarship application this year is April 15 hence application must be received by April 15. 

Mathematics Graduate Course Work Scholarships for Grades 9-12 Teachers

This program is provided by the national council of mathematics teachers, it awards about $2000 to many mathematics teachers who are interested in pursuing post-graduate courses to improve mathematics education.

It is one of the best scholarships for mathematics teachers.  Applicants must be a member of the national council of mathematics teachers to be eligible for the award, resume should also be submitted, one must have been a mathematics teacher in a secondary school for about 3 years with a proposal for the course.

A letter of support from the current director is also required. Application for this scholarship must be submitted and received by October 15.


There is a wide range of scholarships available for students that intend to pursue a career in teaching and teachers who also seek to advance and meet up with their expected professional development requirements.

This article has been able to outline a selected number of useful programs for students that want to major in education including those that will aid the low-income teachers and students who have a passion and are interested in teaching kids with special needs.

The above-listed programs offer Scholarships to the best students, while many of them are designated for citizens of a particular state, a few others are opened to the general population.


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