Top 7 Schools With Cheapest Online Degree Programs in 2022

Schools With Cheapest Online Degree Programs: On the internet, there are quite a couple of affordable online degree programs — and if locating those programs is something you’re having difficulty doing, we’ve compiled this list to make it pretty easy for you.

The several online degrees, those cheap ones, offer degrees in so many fields. Those fields include technology, education, and business — not leaving behind social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.

It will interest you to know that these online students, in their major, complete classwork. To add to that, they sit for electives and general education classes. One of the importance of these courses is basically to strengthen analytic skills, communication, and critical thinking. These careers fall under the “high-paying careers,” which business and healthcare seem to be part of, and they require a degree — a college degree precisely.

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Among the several online degrees, we’ve picked out the three popular ones and they’re outlined below:

1. Business –

According to statistics, there is an increasing number of students who opt for studying business-related courses for business degrees. In other words, they go for them, compared to how students enroll for various degrees. It helps students improve their leadership and behavioral skills — as the core concepts of those skills are part of the course. If you’re a graduate of these online courses, you are likely to be employed as an accountant, financial analyst, or management consultant.

2. Nursing – 

You can enroll for an online nursing degree to strengthen skills like clinical nursing practice, health assessment, or patient care. Students participate in classes in physiology, anatomy, and nursing. After earning an online nursing degree, you can apply for nursing licensure to practice the profession.

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3. Information Technology

The degrees under the information technology category include cybersecurity, database management, and network administration. Students learn how to analyze the technology of an organization and spot issues and challenges that should be addressed.

Knowledge from courses relating to information technology ensures solutions to solve those needs. If you come out as a graduate of any discipline under information technology, you become eligible to work as a network architect, database administrators, and information security analyst.

Having listed the three most popular online degrees you can acquire, let’s move into the real crux of this article — Schools With Cheapest Online Degree Programs. Knowing these schools that offer these online degrees would help you make a perfect choice. Having a wide varies of options will ease your search for one that suits your budget and needs.

Schools With Cheapest Online Degree Programs

1. University Of Florida:

This first one is located in Gainesville, and students therein have the freedom to select from more than 200 online degree programs at the doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s, certificate level. As an applicant, you must meet every one of the general admission criteria of the university, outside the specific requirements of each program.

In case you are not aware, the University of Florida conducts up to 24 degrees specifically for undergraduates: these degrees spread across numerous fields, fields such as sports management, health education, digital arts, science, and environmental management. Many of the programs you’d find offer flexible course schedules, multiple start dates, and part-time or full-time enrolment options.

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Average Net Price: $11,313

2. Indiana University-Bloomington:

The degrees from which students at Indiana University Bloomington can choose is over 150 — and they’re at graduate and undergraduate levels. Indiana University Bloomington online students to study for degrees in diverse fields. These areas include public health, parks, recreation, labor studies, computing, and technology. Speaking of the number of learners Indiana University serves each year, it’s about 6,000.

As compared to a lot of the affordable colleges, the online students can round off the online programs IU offers without stepping a foot inside the campus. Among the several online programs, there are a few of them that include an internship or practicum component. You can stay in your home communities to complete all of the various requirements. Also, you’ll have to get this done with the approval of their program director.

People who enroll online can access many student services, including intern opportunities, math and writing support, academic advising, and career services.

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Average Net Price: $11,931

3. California State University – Los Angeles:

Every year, this school — the California State University, Los Angeles — enrolls up to 26,000 students. There’s something spectacular the school does: it leverages the resources and reach of the College of Professional and Global Education to offer online programs students can afford. For people who desire to acquire degrees in programs like the online bachelor of arts programs in psychology, communication, business administration, and hospitality, wellness, and leisure services — the California State University has got you covered.

What’s more, the Cal State L.A, in addition to the aforementioned, includes an online accelerated bachelor of science in nursing for graduates with a non-nursing degree from an accredited institution. We are sure some of you know about the 53-credit program — that program helps you, as a graduate, to prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam. Postgraduates looking to further their studies can pick up an online program amongst the several online programs they can choose from — such as social work, public health, and business.

Students take advantage of the weekend, as free time to complete the course requirements. Applications from people with social work degrees are accepted by the online master of social works. This particular program starts during the summer term.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Average Net Price: $4403

4. Palm Beach State College:

Here’s the Palm Beach State College, a college that offers numerous programs — online bachelor’s programs for those students who have at least 60 transferable undergraduate credits or the ones with an associate degree. If you can meet these requirements, it becomes a matter of just 18-24 months for you to earn your bachelor’s degree. Also, Palm Beach State College offers a bachelor of applied science, the one you acquire online. To be precise, it’s an online bachelor of applied science in management and supervision.

In addition, students have the option of going for a general program in management, or as an alternative, they can specialize in either of these areas: project management, health management, and entrepreneurship. If you’re concerned about the accreditation of the program, it got the “accreditation” status from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

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There are students out there in search of an IT program that seems challenging — PBSC has a perfect fit for those students, something they can explore: PBSC’s information management offering. As for the online BAS degree, it offers specializations in fields such as security and network assurance, project management, and database administration.

You, as an online learner, may be required by the college to visit an approved testing site or campus testing center close to where they reside to take exams, proctored exams precisely. PBSC limits their online courses to those students who stay out of state.

Location: Lake Worth, Florida

Average Net Price: $3064

5. Eastern Florida State College:

We know how many students are currently searching for affordable programs online, that’s why we included this college. The affordable online programs they offer cut across fields such as business administration, office management and accounting technology. Students can, at the comfort of their home, complete many associate certificates, and bachelor’s programs. The EFSC are participants in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements, and that’s why online courses are specifically offered to students that live in participating states.

The online bachelor of applied science in organizational management offers up to eight specifications, including accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, and healthcare management. In addition to the aforesaid, this school — as well — offers online BAS programs in applied health sciences and computer information systems technology. If you’re an associate-trained registered nurse, you can send in an application to enroll in the bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) program, all ONLINE.

After you get accepted to study your desired course in the college, you — as an online student — get smooth access to technical assistance, course advising, and tutoring services.

Location: Cocoa, Florida

Average Net Price: $4408

6. Arkansas Tech University:

On our number six spot, we have Arkansas Tech University. It’s a university that offers tons of affordable programs online in several fields, fields such as educational leadership, emergency management, and administration, and health informatics. Being in the school gives you the leverage to explore a good number of online options at the associate, certificate, master’s, bachelor’s, and specialist levels. For those online students who reside in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana — ATU forgoes the out-of-state tuition.

Let’s look at the online bachelor of professional studies; the concentration it offers covers up to eight fields, including agricultural business, child development, criminal justice, and workforce technology. The credits students can transfer are up to 12 — credits from their prior learning experience. If you are an educator, there are many options in which you can explore, including an education specialist degree in educational leadership, a master’s in student affairs administration, and a graduate certificate in dyslexia therapy (K-12). This school, ATU, also offers an online special education, a 21-credit online special education program: it’s a program that leads to licensure in Arkansas.

Students who have interest in acquiring a master of business administration without visiting the campus can go for a general program at this school, Arkansas Tech University — or digital marketing or a concentration in business data analytics.

Location: Russellville, Arkansas

Average Net Price: $11674

7. Dalton State College:

There’s a system university in Georgia follow, and this university — Dalton State College — offers a large number of all their courses online. In the first two years, you spend in college, you’d be attending to general education coursework — which includes U.S history, composition, and mathematics. You can get an online bachelor’s degree in Dalton State, degrees in organizational leadership and criminal justice. Both programs give learners the chance to earn for themselves some credits towards the degree. You might be wondering, “what does the organizational leadership program offer?” Well, it offers specialization in office administration and technology, public service, and healthcare administration. There are 42 credits right inside the major.

As for the online criminal justice major, it comprises up to 60 credits, 21 out of these 61 credits is mandated to come from the required classwork of upper-division in areas such as criminal law, corrections and criminal procedures. Also, inside the program, you can get specializations in criminal investigations, juvenile delinquency and justice, and drugs in America.

Location: Dalton, Georgia

Price: $6484

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online degrees cheaper than traditional college degrees?

Going online to take a program that, at the end, gives a degree goes a long way to save money for students. They would not need to transport themselves to the campus, and is its accommodation? There’ll be no need for that, too. A lot of the pocket-friendly colleges out there offer online degrees.

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Is it cheaper to get a degree online?

When it comes to cost, an online degree costs way less than the normal in-person degree. Students can go online to find the cheapest online from which they can choose the most affordable ones.

Can I go to college online for free?

There are a few online colleges that offer options — tuition-free options. These options are specifically for qualifying students. Learners can look out for legit grants and scholarships for which they can apply. With these options, you’re given free money to fund money needs through college.


It’s quite convenient going through school from the comfort of your home — but there are more than a handful of people out there who don’t know about online school. Some people find it an herculean task to learn amid people. So, we have put together this article that outlines a few Schools With the Cheapest Online Degree Programs.

We are happy you’re now aware that there’s something like an online school. Thanks for reading.

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